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Counselling Service

Leading law firms and lawyers provide one-to-one online counselling services with the most suitable and professional lawyers ,client-based services and transparent price.

Contract Service

More than 2000 boutique lawyers at home and abroad will draft or review contracts based on country and practice areas to eliminate contract risks. Lawback served 2800+ enterprises worldwide with a total of 4000+ contracts reviewed and written.

Legal Demand Letter

Legal Demand Letter is an effective tool to state basic facts and make legal claims , including fact standings, legal analysis, claims for collecting overseas debts, clarifying disputes and stopping infringements. A professional and experienced lawyer will be employed by Lawback to secure client’s rights

International Money Recovery

International Money Recovery is a visualized process of global recovery fund service that helps business to retrieve money back through multiple channels, covering areas of over 130 countries with low costs and effective monitoring.

Credit Investigation

The credit investigation facilitates overseas companies to know the other's credit status, make correct decisions and avoid credit risks. The service includes the analysis of overseas enterprises' operating ability, credit rating, financial condition investigation and so on.

Legal Tech Tool

AI Contract: Help foreign trade practitioners to independently write international goods import and export contracts.FTA: Free Trade Agreement tax rate inquiry, Preferential Certificate of Origin issued by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade(CCPIT)

Counselling Service
Provide legal litigation services for foreign enterprises and individuals, including prosecution, file a complaint to the jurisdiction of the court, case review, court trial and a complete service tracking.
Apply to Local Arbitration Committee and Address foreign-related disputes and existing conflicts for enterprises
International business mediation
Resolve disputes in the areas of trade, investment, finance, securities, intellectual property and other commercial, maritime for enterprises.